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Leptospirosis IgM/IgG Screen Test
7th Dec


Leptospirosis occurs worldwide and is a common mild to severe health problem for humans and animals, particularly in areas with a hot and humid climate. The natural reservoirs for leptospirosis are rodents as well as a large variety of domesticated ...

Dengue IgM/IgG Test
4th Dec


Dengue diseases are potentially life-threatening diseases caused by the Dengue virus. The virus (sero-types 1-4) is transmitted in nature by day-biting Aceder mosquitoes.The primary and secondary infections of the dengue virus exhibit different clinical ...

Allergy Testing
13th Dec


La Falaise is pleased to announce that we offer Allergy Testing services. With the current escalation of persons presenting with allergic symptoms in every age group, over the last years, the need for testing patients for allergens has become paramount. ...