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Billing Information

Payment Options

Clients using our services are required to pay for tests prior to testing. Payments can be made by cash, cheque, credit or debit cards. Proper identification is necessary for payments by cheques or cards. Receipts are given routinely. You may request an itemized receipt so you that you can be refunded by your insurance provider.

Life Insurances

Clients applying for life insurances will be sent in for specified tests. A requisition form and picture ID must be brought when coming in. Usually the insurance company will cover the fees but in some instances you may be asked by the insurance to pay.

Group Health Insurances

Billing to specific insurance companies can be arranged. Claim forms must be filled out (with diagnosis) and signed by the authorized doctor. The form must be signed by the insurer and insurance premiums must be up to date. You will be responsible for all costs not covered by insurance.


Any company wishing to be billed for tests done on behalf of their employees can do so by sending in a letter stating that the said company will be responsible for payment for the said employee.